Dr. med. vet. Christian Torp


In 1978 I obtained the license to practice as a veterinarian after my academic studies in Hannover; the doctorate followed one year later.

After 5-years of veterinarian development aid activity in Bolivia (South America),  I began my independent practice activities here in Felde. After eighteen months I extended my rural mixed animal practice to a veterinary group practice.

Here I found time for my intensive advanced studies in the area of homoeopathy and acupuncture. As a result of these,  I acquired the additional title "Homoeopath" in 1992, followed by “Acupuncturist” in 1996, both officially awarded to me by the veterinarian's chamber.

The basis for these additional titles was a long way of studying and practical experience, with an exam at the end. The main focus of my activity then moved to the area of physical treatment, mainly acupuncture. In 1999 I sold the traditional-medical part of my practice. Since then I have exclusively been practicing medicine in the field of acupuncture.

During my further development,  acupuncture and especially the acupuncture of horses became increasingly my concern. I very quickly realized that the more I improved in the field of acupuncture,  the less I had to use traditional treatment methods, not even homeopathic treatments.

Since August 2004,  the acupuncture practice for small animals is continued by my former assistance veterinary,  Mrs. Sünje Meyer in Felde under her own responsibility.