Horse Acupuncture – gentle and comprehensible

Diagnosis point by point

One needle therapy:
For a diagnosis I check 45 points at each body side for painfulness. This sounds much but can be done rather quickly. Following a detailed diagnosis-therapy scheme, I treat one single acupuncture point, which will dissolve all checked energy blockades.

Blockades in joints
In the second step I check the base of the ear for painful points. These points indicate specific blockades of t he joints, which will be dissolved by mental force. This includes blockades of the spinal column, the iliosacral  joint, the hyoid bone and many others.

Organ blockades
In a third step organic blockades are detected by kinesiologic testing. Each organ has a corresponding point on the surface of the body, by which the dissolving of these blockades can be verified.

Kinesiologic Testing
The kinesiologic testing is done directly on the animal, allowing to find further problem areas This last step also allows to confirm the need for further specialists such as a traditional veterinary, dentist, blacksmith or saddler.